Plans and Pricing for Dandelion API

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from $49/month


from $99/month
(only for startups)

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from $239/month

~2 million/month

from $749/month

Forever Free

If you need fewer than 1000 units per day all our APIs are absolutely free. No expiring trial, contract, or credit card required.

Just subscribe and start playing!

Need more?

We are glad that you like our APIs: we can scale up to millions of requests per day for large enterprises.

We offer free plans for non-profit, research and educational uses.

We also offer a specific discounted plan for startups. You can apply only if you are a startup, let us know if you think you are eligible for this plan.

If you need a quote for a personalized plan (e.g., yearly subscriptions, plans with elastic limits on how many units you can use on a given day, or one-shot unit packages which can be acquired and used as you go), or you are interested in dedicated servers and on-premise installations, please contact us at


What do "units" mean?

You can think of units like a sort of internal monetary systems. We offer different APIs, each one with a different cost in units. Units are not related to a single API, but to the wider system. Every API uses units from your daily or monthly vault.

The unit price for each single API depends on its nature. APIs can be billed by number of requests you make, by the complexity of your query, by the amount of data you need to crunch, ... well you got it ;-)

Product Units
Entity Extraction API 1 per request
Text Similarity API 3 per request
Text Classification API 2 per request
Language Detection API 0.1 per request
Sentiment Analysis API 1 per request

What are the extras?

Some APIs have optional functionalities that you may use in your request.

This means that the request is more complex and requires additional resources to be processed, so additional units per request may be billed. The table on the right lists all available extras that require additional units. These units will be added to the cost of the "standard" API request.

E.g., if you issue a request to the Entity Extraction API, with a text of 9000 chars and including 'top_entities' parameter, it will cost 4 units: 1 for Entity Extraction API, +1 for 'top_entities' parameter and +2 for long text.

Extra Units Applies to
url/html parameters +1 per request Entity Extraction,
Text Similarity,
Text Classification,
Sentiment Analysis API
top_entities parameter +1 per request Entity Extraction API
long texts,
(more than 4000 chars)
+1 every 4000 chars Entity Extraction,
Text Similarity,
Text Classification,
Sentiment Analysis API

What are the user data?

Dandelion API offers some functionalities that let the user customize the semantic engine. A user can create and use a list of customized spots to improve the accuracy of Dandelion API in specific contexts. He can also create and use a customized classifier models to categorize texts in his own taxonomy. Each user has a limited number of objects that can be stored, as shown in the table on the right.

User data type Basic plan Pro, Startup, Ultra
and Mega plans
User-defined classifier models 5 1000
User-defined spots 5 1000