Dandelion API

Semantic Text Analytics as a service

Dandelion API
Context Intelligence: from text to actionable data. Extract meaning from unstructured text and put it in context with a simple API.

Thanks to its revolutionary technology, Dandelion API works well even on short and malformed texts in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Entity Extraction

Find mentions of places, people, brands and events in documents and social media. Easily get additional data about the entities.
Sentiment Analysis

Identify whether the expressed opinion in short texts (like product reviews) is positive, negative, or neutral.
Keywords / Concepts Extraction

Automatically identify important, contextually relevant, concepts and key-phrases in articles and social media posts.
Semantic Similarity

Compare two texts and compute their syntactic and semantic similarity. Understand when two texts are about the same subject.



Our valued partners help us provide our unique technology to agencies, banks, and large companies.
They already integrated Dandelion API in several organizations around the world:


Unveiling Bank's behaviour: leveraging Big Data & Text Analytics for Marketing Intelligence

Read about how our clients used Dandelion API to analyze millions of public documents in order to understand the relationships between more than 5 million companies and their banks.

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Linked Data Knowledge Graph

Extracted entities are linked with the huge amount of additional data available in our internal Knowledge Graph, which contains both open and proprietary high-quality data. This Knowledge Graph is in turn linked to the Linked Open Data Cloud.

Blazing fast & multilingual

Instead of classic NLP technologies, Dandelion API leverages its underlying Knowledge Graph, without relying on traditional NLP pipelines. This makes it faster, more scalable, easier to customize and natively language independent.

Cloud Based SaaS

Easy to integrate into existing systems via a powerful REST API, the engine runs on a scalable infrastructure that can process millions of documents per-day. We also offer on-premise integration for enterprise customers with special data protection issues.

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