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datatxt semantic api

An entity extraction API that automatically links documents and social media content to our graph of places, persons and events.

datagem api

A semantic graph of high quality contextual location data from hundreds of data sources, public and private.

datatxt semantic api

Find places, persons, brands, and events in documents and social media.
English, French and Italian currently supported.

Get back an ID to pull related data from our graph
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Galileo used the leaning tower for his experiments.
  name: “Leaning Tower of Pisa”,
  height: 56,
  description: “The Leaning Tower of
      Pisa or simply the Tower of Pisa
      is the campanile, or freestanding
      bell tower, of the cathedral of

...and you'll get structured and linked data

...and you'll get the same structured and linked data

datagem api

Query our graph of location data to power your app or business.
Enrich your content with high quality data from thousands of sources.

/data.json?$where=array_in(category.labels, "Towers, gates and walls") and"Toscana"
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